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Largest Fish Meal & Fish Oil Exporters

Mukka Seafood Industries is one of the world’s largest exporters of fishmeal and fish oil. Being in prime position in global trade, these fish meal and oil are amongst the highest selling products of the Mukka Group in the international market. We manufacture steam sterilised fish meal and fish oil is derived from the tissues of oily fish at our modern plant located in Mangalore, Ullal, Gujrat, U.A.E and Tamilnadu.

The unique qualities of the raw materials used in this Indian Seafood Industry such as Sardines, Mackerels, Tuna, etc. make them the preferred protein source for the aquaculture industry. Offered in numerous varieties for our clients to choose from based on their requirements, these are also used in the animal feed industry and poultry.

Both our fishmeal and fish oil at Mukka Seafood, are produced from a well-managed sustainable fishery and are of the highest quality standard. They undergo strict quality control inspections and laboratory analysis throughout the production process. We have in store for our clients an extensive array of fish meal and oil that are hygienically processed and packed, so as to retain their purity and health benefits.

Our Products

Fish Meal

Fish meal is high nutrient concentration gives its a special advantage as supplement in high nutrient dense starter diets for poultry, aquaculture. . .

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Fish Oil

Fish Oil serves as natural remedy for health problems and needless to say it has an important application in the animal feed industry. . .

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Refined Fish Oil

Fish oil is refined to reduce free fatty acid content, bleached to reduce the color and de-odorized to reduce odor. Fish oil supplement are considered. . .

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Fish Solubles

Fish Solubles is a brown, semi-viscous liquid, with a fishy but pleasant odourThe unidentified growth factors present in it helps in increasing. . .

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