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  • 1950-1969 - Fish Oil extracted for production of margarines and soaps. Fishmeal more a by-product used for fertilizer & animal feed
  • 1970-1989 - Fishmeal important feed ingredient in intensive animal production (poultry, cattle & pigs). Oil becomes more of a by-product often just used for fuel
  • 1990-2009 - Fishmeal increasingly used in aquaculture diets and becoming a strategic ingredient for critical phases in the lifecycle of animal production due to its unique nutritional qualities. Fish Oil increasingly valued for its health and nutritional benefits to humans and animals


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  • Delivering consistency in hygiene and packing.
  • We concentrate more on quality

Fish Meal Packing

indian fish meal

The cooled fish meal is weighed as per specification using calibrated weighing balances.

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indian fish meal

Fish meal is distinguished from other proteinous feeds by the higher content of high digestible proteins...

fish meal exporters

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