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Fish Solubles

Fish solubles are produced as a by-product of fish oil production industries. During the processing of fish to recover the oil fraction a mixture of water and oil is produced. Then after this mixture is centrifuged to remove the oil the water containing fraction can then be condensed or dried to produce condensed fish solubles or dried fish solubles.

It is a brown, semi-viscous liquid, with a fishy but pleasant odourThe unidentified growth factors present in it helps in increasing the rate of growth. It is rich in all the dissolved proteins,vitamins and amino acids.

Fish solubles have a high crude protein content. The variation of protein content is caused by the fishing season and the fish species processed. Used in aqua feed as a feed attractant & organic fertilizers. It is also good source of water soluble vitamins.

Protein 40% Min
Moisture 45% Max
TVBN (Total Volatile Based Nitrogen) 350mg max
Antioxidant As per Customer Request
Ph2 (PPM) at Production 5 to 6
Packing 200 Litre open top drum
Fish Solubles

Fish Soluble Manufacturers and Exporters

Built on over 50 years of seafood industry experience, Mukka Seafood Industries is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of high-quality fish soluble catering to the requirements of domestic and international clients.

The unidentified growth factors present in fish soluble offered by this seafood industry helps in increasing the rate of growth. At Mukka Seafood, we offer eco-friendly fish soluble paste that retains the unidentified growth factors. Our rich industry expertise has assisted us in accomplishing an enormous customer base all over the world.