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Indian Fish Industry

The sub-continent of India includes an incredible range of geographic features, and the fish species. India has 8118 kilometers of marine coastline, 3827 fishing villages, and 1914 traditional fish landing centers. Fish production in India has increased more than tenfold since its independence in 1947.The marine fish harvested in India consist of about 65 commercially important species/groups. Pelagic and midwater species contributed about 52% of the total marine fish in 2004.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, fish output in India doubled between 1990 and 2010. As of 2010, the marine and freshwater resources offered a combined sustainable catch fishing potential of over 4 million metric tonnes of fish. In addition, India's water and natural resources offer a 10 fold growth potential in aquaculture (farm fishing) from 2010 harvest levels of 3.9 million metric tonnes of fish.

Catch fishing in India employs about 14.5 million people. The country's rich marine and inland water resources, fisheries and aquaculture offer an attractive and promising sector for employment, livelihood and food security. Fish products from India are well received by almost half of world's countries, creating export driven employment opportunity in India and greater food security for the world. During the past decades the Indian fisheries and aquaculture has witnessed improvements in craft, tackle and farming methods. Creation of required harvest and post-harvest infrastructure has been receiving due attention of the central and state governments. All this has been inducing a steady growth.


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Fish Meal Packing

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The cooled fish meal is weighed as per specification using calibrated weighing balances.

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indian fish meal

Fish meal is distinguished from other proteinous feeds by the higher content of high digestible proteins...

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